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Cuti Cuti Malaysia 2007 2008
Cuti Cuti Malaysia.com - Welcome
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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Cuti-cuti-malaysia.com is a Malaysian website that provides an essential and relevant stop about the traveling and holidaying sector in Malaysia. The portal is one of the leading portals providing Malaysia travel guides as well as resources on what to look out for targeted at tourist from within and outside Malaysia. If you are a Malaysian tourist looking to travel domestically or an visitor from other countries, be sure to check out Cuti-cuti-malaysia.com to find out more on how to go around and what to expect for when coming to Malaysia.

Cuti-Cuti-Malaysia.com among its many segments provides travel guides in the most visited places in Malaysia including some which are not so popular. Read through our guides to find out where to go and what to expect if there is a specific location you are looking to visit in Malaysia. You can also send in your requests if a specific destination you are looking to visit are not listed or reviewed. From there, our travel companions will identify the best way to get there and provide you with the best advise possible.

Cuti-cuti-malaysia.com is an ideal portal for anyone who wishes to travel and take vacation because apart from being one of Malaysia's favourite past times, Malaysia also hosts millions of tourists into Malaysia yearly. Therefore it is essential that we at Cuti-cuti-malaysia.com provide you with the best and complete resources for your travelling plans. This is important because of the diverse activities that are available in Malaysia.

Should you need any travel advice, cuti-cuti-malaysia.com is ready to provide you with the best possible route to take if you want to get from one place to another. Our travel experts will provide you with the what to expect and what you can do when you get to your desired destination. You will be able to also receive information on food, accommodation and other related information that are relevant to your visit there. Alternatively, you can also head out to our chatrooms where you can discuss with members of our community about your plans and they too can provide you with the information you need.

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Welcome to Portal Cuti Cuti Malaysia.
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Saturday, 12 June 2004

Malaysia has been the destination for tourists around the world for decades. Tourism Malaysia is organizing a campaign Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and the initial response has been so overwhelming. The government is targetting billions of dollars in this industry and let's together making this happen and a memorable Cuti Cuti Malaysia year. Tourism Malaysia is also organising other events like Eye on Malaysia and Colours of Malaysia in 2007. Be sure to register at our website to get the latest news and event promotion sent to your mailbox.

Visit Malaysia Year 2007

To mark Malaysia’s 50 years of independence, the government of Malaysia launched the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 in a global scale. Expected increase in number of tourists from 15 million currently to more than 20 million, this nationwide event seek to showcase Malaysia to the the mass tourist from all over the world.

The Visit Malaysia Year 2007 was launched with a big event filled with fireworks and much fanfare, most of which took place in Dataran Merdeka just before the stroke of midnight 31st December 2006.

This event seeks to attract more tourists to Malaysia to show them what the country has to offer. From travel packages to cultural events all year round, the tourist will be able to savour an experience like no other.

The first event to kick off Visit Malaysia Year 2007 is the Flora Fest held from the 20th January to 4th February in Putrajaya. Held in the Klang Valley and the Government Administrative City of Putrajaya, one will be able to indulge in the beauty and colourful demonstration of flower display. Themed ‘Colour of Harmony’, the event will transform the city into a colourful floral garden. This event will include a Floral Parade in Putrajaya.

Last Updated ( Monday, 13 October 2008 )
Portal CutiCutiMalaysia.com.my
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Monday, 09 August 2004
More than 400 Cuti Cuti packages has been added into Malaysia Holiday Portal. Please register now to view these packages or proceed to Official Cuti Cuti Malaysia Portal with packages added daily.

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